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McLaren Car Care

McLaren Glass Cleaner

McLaren Glass Cleaner

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glassThe McLaren Glass Cleaner is a streak free formulation, which can be used on all glass, plastic and mirror surfaces. Easy to apply by spraying onto the surface and spreading over the glass with a clean cloth, then buff off with a microfibre cloth to leave a crystal-clear finish.


  • Quick & easy application
  • Can be used on glass, plastic and mirror surfaces
  • Streak free

    The McLaren Racing Car Care range has been created without compromise to ensure that it complements the team’s ethos and dedication to excellence.

How to Use

1. Spray directly onto glass surface

2. Evenly wipe the product using a clean, dry, lint free or paper cloth.

3. Buff to a crystal clear finish using a dry towel or paper cloth.

4. The product will evaporate naturally.

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