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McLaren Car Care

McLaren Bug & Tar Remover

McLaren Bug & Tar Remover

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The McLaren Bug & Tar Remover is formulated to remove tar spots and bugs from paint and glass. Quick and easy to use, spray directly onto the spots to be removed, allow the product to soak in and then remove by lightly rubbing the area with a clean microfiber. 

For heavy or stubborn tar spots a second application might be required.

  • Safe on painted surfaces, plastic bumpers, and glass
  • Breaks-down and dissolves bug and tar contaminants on contact
  • Quick & easy application – spray onto area, allow to soak & rub away
  • For use during your wash process or dry treatment

  • The McLaren Racing Car Care range has been created without compromise to ensure that it complements the team’s ethos and dedication to excellence.

    How to Use

    1. Spray the product directly on the spots to be removed.

    2. Allow the product to soak in and let sit for 2 minutes

    3. Gently wipe off bugs or tar away using a clean microfiber towel.

    4. Rinse using clean water. Do not let dry.

    5. Avoid using product in direct sunlight or leaving active product on the vehicle in direct sunlight.

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